League Registration

Congratulations and welcome to the Futures Collegiate Baseball League (Futures League).  Our franchises are working hard this off-season to provide you, your families, our fans and our communities the best experience possible. The 2019 season was a record breaking one and we hope to expand on all that success here in the 2020 season.

In order to provide you with an overall great playing experience we need you to fill out the registration form below ($25 registration fee).  We need as much information about you so we can communicate with our athletic trainers, doctors, coaches and front-office staffs in case an emergency situation were to occur with you at home or at an away game. Please be honest in your answers as it will only help us help you in an emergency situation.

This information will also help us promote you better to media outlets and with our own press releases, social media and website postings.  The media will not have access to any medical information about you.

We also want to provide as much of information as we can to Major League Scouts that attend our games. The more information they have on you the easier it is for them to contact and evaluate you.

Thank you and we’re looking forward to a great 2020.

The Futures League

Any questions please email Commissioner Joe Paolucci at commissioner@thefuturesleague.com

  1. I agree to allow the Futures Collegiate Baseball League of New England to share the following medical information with team trainers, doctors, coaches and front office staff when necessary to provide me with the best possible medical and injury treatment and precautions when necessary.
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  2. Your Information:
  3. Emergency Contact Information:
  4. Parent Contact Information:
  5. Health Insurance Information:
  6. Medical History: